White label print for graphic designers

We offer a white label printing service for graphic designers. This service allows graphic designers the ability to offer to print to their clients as a value-added service while allowing them to make a little extra profit on each project.

Here’s how it normally works…

1. The graphic designer designs a printed item for their client such as a business card, once it been approved by the end client, the designer contacts us for a quoted price for the printing.

2. The designer then adds a fair margin such as 20-30% to our print price to cover their time, then they quote this price to their client, perhaps bundling it with their design costs.

3. We print the project and can either send to the designer or direct to their client.

4. Finally, we send an invoice to the designer for the print cost, while they invoice their client, being the print cost + the percentage margin the designer added.

Once all is paid the designer retains this margin as a little additional profit while saving their client the hassle of finding a quality printer.